CarinCare Membership

CarinCare Membership Plan (In-House “Insurance”)

Who is CarinCare for:

  • CarinCare can be for everyone, but was specifically created for our non-insured patients to lessen the burden of many expensive dental procedures
  • CarinCare gives you a dental office to call home.
  • CarinCare removes anxiety that comes with no dental insurance.
  • CarinCare creates confidence that help is just a phone call away.

How our program works:

  • For one low annual fee, each participant in our program will receive an exam with radiographs in addition to one cleaning per year. Furthermore, members will have access to exclusive rates designed to reduce the burden to you and your hard earned budget.

Rules of our program:

  • One dental cleaning per year plus reduced fees on a second cleaning each year. (Scaling/root planing or other periodontal procedures will be an additional fee.)
  • A missed cleaning appointment without 24-hour notice will count as your one included cleaning.
  • Member co-pay is due at the time of service.
  • Membership payment is due each year (12 months from day of enrollment).
  • Membership must be paid prior to expiration date to avoid a $20.00 reactivation fee.
  • Non-payment of yearly fee will result in termination of benefits, however, you can reapply for CarinCare at any time.
  • CarinCare reserves the right to make changes to this program or cancel the program at any time for any reason.